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On The Lean Effect podcast, you’ll hear from  Lean leaders from around the world to learn through their journeys, their trials and tribulations and Lean triumphs.


Our Episodes

Deondra Wardelle: (EP 79) The importance of a productive environment.

In this episode, Deondra Wardelle, a leader, organizer, corporate trainer, licensed health coach, problem solver, motivational speaker, and continuous improvement professional with 20 years of experience in lean talks...

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Mike De Luca & Nick Katko: (EP 78) Accounting vs. Lean Accounting

In this episode, “Practicing Lean Accounting” Authors: Mike De Luca, Principal and Owner of Torre Consulting, and Nick Katko, President and Owner of BMA, discuss the importance of lean...

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Clare DiFrisco: (EP 77) Let’s Learn Lean and Culture……

In this episode, Clare DiFrisco, Founder of Cannsult Inc. and a continuous improvement expert with over 20 years of experience, discusses improvements in People, Process, and Performance. We spoke...

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Our Host

Mark De Jong

The Lean Effect Podcast

Mark De Jong brings a range of experiences from starting, building and selling several businesses to working for a Fortune 500 multinational to investing in small and medium sized businesses. Mark is passionate about Lean and practices in his everyday life. He enjoys the process of working with all levels within a company from the frontline employees to the C suite leadership team.

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